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Minibot Try/Buy/Use

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What is Minibot? Minibot is a Unlocker (Works for Retail and Classic) that serves to unlock hidden API functions and makes it possible to make a bot. It bypasses the warden and protects you from getting ban as much as it possibly can. (There is always a low risk of ban for using this) Your behavior in-game is what can make you ban. Players reports is the most common ban reason.

This forum works in 2 different ways. You can purchase GetGud Credits and then buy what you need with it or you can buy directly everything with cryptocurrency.

Follow the video on top of this thread to try the free trial of Minibot to make sure it works for you before buying. Join Telegram for more support: https://t.me/Get_Gud


1. Log in/Sign up to https://forums.getgud.cc/

2. Go here: https://forums.getgud.cc/index.php?/accountstatus/

3. Follow the instructions to create a Minibot account. You cannot reuse one that already exists.

4. Once you create your account you should see your Minibot subscription details

5. Your next purchase of Minibot will go smoothly.

6. You can buy Minibot time from here, if you don't have crypto you can check this tutorial https://forums.getgud.cc/index.php?/forum/86-how-to-buy-or-pay-cryptocurrency-invoices-with-visamastercard/ if you want to pay with Paypal or other payments type check the GetGud Credit Reseller section here https://forums.getgud.cc/index.php?/forum/64-getgud-credit-resellers/ Your subscription will automatically get activated after your purchase is confirmed. https://forums.getgud.cc/index.php?/store/category/29-minibot/

7. (optional) You can see your Minibot sub details on  https://forums.getgud.cc/index.php?/accountstatus/

8.(optional) You can always also automatically upgrade the amount of session you need while having already an active session by following this tutorial:

Here is also a quick tutorial on how to try(free trial) or buy Minibot:

How to: Download (scroll down on getgud forum):
The download for Minibot is on the front page called ''Download Minibot(Maps not included)'' in the Minibot section
Don't forget to download the maps as well. They are in the same Minibot section on the front page and its called ''Minibot Maps''
Put the maps folder directly in the Minibot folder.

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