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Marketplace Guidelines

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How to become a GetGud credit Reseller?
To become a GetGud Credit Reseller you need to contact us directly.
Aphro#5549 on Discord. Thank you

How to post an ad?

Go to the Marketplace and select "Submit an advert". Choose and ad category and READ THE CATEGORY'S GUIDELINES. Each category has specific requirements and we expect sellers to follow them.

  1. Select ad type
    1. In some categories we allow for more than one type of ad. Most of the time you will either see 'FOR SALE' and 'WANTED'
  2. Select item condition
    1. There is only one, leave as is.
  3. Select package
    1. Read more about packages in the 'Package' section below
  4. Add images. 
    1. Some ad categories need an image for you to post your ad and some don't.
  5. Write your ad in 'Advert Information'
    1. Make you your title follows the guidelines and represent your product correctly
    2. Write a thorough description of what you're selling. The more details the better.
    3. Set a quantity. If you have more than one item to sell, you can set that number there.
    4. Choose whether or not you want to allow customers to make offers on you ad. Maybe you are asking for too much and this way you can let users haggle with you through offers.
    5. Set whether or not you want to receive notifications when a customer asks a question about your ad. Leaving this 'On' is recommended
  6. Set the price per  item
  7. Set contact information
    1. Private messages is recommended
    2. Emails WILL NOT work
    3. You can also add any other communication you desired such as Telegram, Discord, etc.
  8. Done!
    1. You can now post your ad and start to advertise your store around the web.


Package Information

Packages are what sets the features of your ad. 

  • Normal ad
    • Duration: 365 days
    • Submission Price: FREE
    • Autorenewal: Yes
  • Pinned ad
    • Duration: 14 days
    • Submission Price: 10 GetGud Credits
    • Autorenewal: No
    • Features: Your ad stays on top of the others in your category
  • Featured ad
    • Duration: 14 days
    • Submission Price: 25 GetGud Credits
    • Autorenewal: No
    • Features: Your ad is featured on the Marketplace Home page


How does trading work?

All trades will be done in GetGud credits. A buyer will be able to buy an item with credits and the seller will receive the credits in his account.  

To buy an item from an ad, you should:

  1.  Contact the seller to arrange a trade in-game. Do not immediately buy the item
  2. Once trade terms are agreed by both parties, the buyer will then buy from the ad just before receiving the items he bought.
  3. The seller, after confirming payment will then provide the buyer with the goods. It is the seller's responsibility to keep the time between receiving a payment and providing the buy with the goods as short as possible.
  4. The sale is now complete

Tips to prevent from being scammed

  • DO get yourself a software to record the whole trade
  • DO read reviews and questions on the ad
  • DO contact other buyers through our messaging system to ask questions about the seller
  • DO report (take screenshots) of any strange or unacceptable behaviors to GetGud admins
  • DO notify GetGud admins if receiving your item after you made payment was too long
  • DO NOT give any information to sellers on your personal account
  • DO NOT agree to last minute deal change

Marketplace Refund Policy

If, for any reason, you feel that you should have a refund because your purchase was not as described in the ad, we STRONGLY encourage you to contact your seller and come to an agreement. If no agreement can be made, you can contact a GetGud admin to make a decision. Remember that screenshots and videos help your case a lot, both for seller and buyer. We will refund scams and wrongly described items. 


Marketplace Fees
Free to use.




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14 hours ago, Vladimirpnr said:

Can I contact Administration?
It is about advertisement on your website.

Hi, how can i help you?. I will send you a private message.

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