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This forum is focused on helping a community to be the best in the game they like with any way possible. We worked hard in here to find the best World of Warcraft Classic tools for you to go grind and  gather those xp/hr, herb/mine/skin, get BiS PreRaid Dungeon Gear, get that R14 PvP rank or just get that gold/hr.

We have integrated automatic activation for everything now.

This is designed to be easy for you to understand and use and should make you realize fairly quickly how much potential these addons/tools has. Once you bought at least 1$(some payment method requires minimum 5$ buy to work) on our Credit store  you will be granted access to the rest of the forum and you will be able to navigate through the rest of the store, subscribe for the tools and addons that will bring you glory and gold.

Click Here For More Info on How the Credit Store Works Here

If you have any other questions regarding this you can reach out to us in PM we will be glad to answer you!

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