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King Cobra

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  1. *REQUIRES MacOSx Unlocker*

    For installation instructions, support and questions regarding this product, please go to King Cobra's Discord channel:


    AFK Battleground Bot is now included with the rotations.
    AFK Arena bot (conq capping / honor grind) also included.

    • Enhance your experience with professional grade combat rotations
    • Every aspect of play is enhanced by better combat rotations
    • Parse higher in raids
    • Do higher mythic keystones
    • Get higher rating in PvP
    • Appear more desirable due to a superior rotation
    • Professional and courteous support 
    • Extremely affordable


    Classes supported:

    • Arms Warrior
    • Windwalker Monk 
    • Retribution Paladin
    • Prot Paladin
    • Holy Paladin
    • Affliction Warlock
    • Destruction Warlock
    • Shadow Priest
    • Discipline Priest
    • Feral Druid
    • Balance Druid
    • Elemental Shaman
    • Resto Shaman
    • Frost DK
    • Havoc DH

    AFK only rotations (Use these only for AFK usage)

    • Assassination Rogue
    • Frost Mage
    • BM Hunter


    $19.00 GetGud Credits
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