Andoido's Profiles

About Me:

I have been making botting profiles for a very long time - All the way back when Glider was the popular bot! From there i went to Vanillabotter, Zzukbot, Betterbot, Wrobot, GMR, and now Orca. (There were others not worth mentioning). Because of my experience I am well aware of which locations are the best to "bot" for grinding bots.

People in the private server botting community may know me from Wrobot where i made several major releases, the last was a 1-60 900 unique quest profile completely afk.
Making profiles is my passion and i love it. I think all the big names would agree with me that this kind of work does take a lot of hard work and dedication.

About My Work (What to expect):

Its actually really cool, because with ORCA, as a profile creator I can make all my routes go where i want them to. What i mean by that is creating a route that has a Min and Max radius, which doesn't pull "unwanted" mobs, and goes exactly where i want it to vs just randomly going where it wants. This makes my profiles not pull anything i dont specify
With that being said, in my experience i can tell you that every single profile creator is different and has different ideas about what they want. No 2 profiles are exactly the same!

Although 1-60 Horde is available now - my intentions are to have 100+ profiles as-well as 1-60 Alliance 100+ profiles.

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