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  1. Welcome! Tutorials will show up, there should be good instructions to let you know how to complete your purchase, unlock site and tutorials etc.
  2. Hello! Welcome back to one click softwares and Getgud products 🙂
  3. Novelist

    I love ORCA

    Thanks for sharing your love!
  4. Thanks for the review! Glad that you are enjoying the product, myself is using it everyday and i have very few problems with it atm. About your situation with vendor/repair. It sounds very confusing to me and it shouldnt behave like that. When you record either repair or replenish vendor, you should delete the old NTG and replenish files in grind folder if you have any with the same name. And if you use the "record npc click" and press the repair guy, and then press it again it will save and reload Then you head to replenish vendor, and use "reple.vendor record click" and to the same thing. Then it should not change repair or replenivsh vendor, its separate files so i dont see how Orca software can load a different kind of repair. Just make sure your grind path profile name is the same as on your NPC and replenish vendor files, very important.
  5. Great to hear! Welcome aboard bud! 🙂
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