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We have traveled to the deepest corners of the web for you. Premium Rank users will be able to put their hands on a priceless and special tool found nowhere else online for World of Warcraft Classic. The tool being mentioned is a unique addon that will greatly assist the player in leveling characters, dps/heal rotation, quest, gather herb, mine, skin, Gold farm, PvP and dungeons.

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  1. grzyy

    Aphro is the GOAT

    I have botted before, but never on classic. I needed alot of help with getting started Aphro pointed me in the right direction, and helped explain how the profiles work. Thanks alot man. P.S -he needs a promotion, very helpful
  2. @LMacK21 He dm'd me he is working on it as we speak
  3. Its been 21 hours and no confirmation. No one has contacted me either.
  4. Hello, I accidentally sent the wrong amount on paypal ($60USD) , I believe I need to send around $70USD to unlock the forum and buy all I need to get going. So to fix this I sent 2 transactions. Totaling $70USD. Both of them have my forum name in the notes. And I made orders on Orca for the credit.