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    Hey guys, if anyone wants legit leveled US horde accounts any class, i got a friend that can level up accounts by dungeons while boosting with his main. The process takes aprox 7 days ( +- 1 day ). The accounts would be leveled on US vpn, fresh hwid etc. Things about price is that he asks 280$ for either 1 or 4 accounts leveled to 60. Basically if there is 4 people interested taking 1 account each, it would cost 75$ per account, as we gotta cover marketplace fee. Or 2 people taking 2 accounts, whatever combination to have 4 accounts leveled at time would be best to have as lowest price per accout. for example if demand is 3 accounts, it would be 100$ each account , for 2 it would be 150$ ( which is not worth it imo). The thing is that he needs 7 days like 12-14 hours grinding for either 1 or 4 accounts. Anyway i don't have any profit out of it, just trying to help friend and guys who need it here. Let me know if i can help. Best regards