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  1. Orca


    flying has been added to the bot, all you need to do is turn on mounting , flying mount, and type in the name of the mount in the setttings and then you can run flying profiles and they will work and fixed all druid issues
  2. Orca


    shaman added toggle for lite shield or water shield, mage added summon water elemental, ice lance option frozen targets many other fixes have been implemented and i forget now what they were because ive been doing so many.
  3. Orca


    fixing double cast felguard adding SW:D priest slider on enemy hp Fixed trying to skin mobs too high level Added EOTS support but waiting on tinkr release mesh for EOTS fixed crashes to do with battlegrounds entering and exiting
  4. Orca


    fixed fps issues when mailing is turned on
  5. Orca


    options added added shred druid added vt priest added pws all the time when in combat priest added UA warlock
  6. Orca


    implemented code so that the bot can now cast spells behind itself which usually require facing like flame shock or moonfire while you are using the rotation bot.
  7. Orca


    added blacklisting after 30 seconds attempting mine or herb it will blacklist it until UI is reloaded
  8. Orca

    21JUN21 (3)

    fixed it mailing important items
  9. Bot should now gather all new TBC mining and herb nodes (all languages) fixed gathering issue "attempt to concatenate local 'u' (a userdata value)" Possibly fixed skinning (try it now and report)
  10. fixed issue about bot not looting or interacting with units (maybe crashing), also all FPS issues should be non-existant now.
  11. Orca


    fixed mage conjuring and eating tbc food / drinks
  12. fixed more fps problems and problems when clicking the map previously made a lua error
  13. Orca


    Added Mangle (cat) and Mangle (bear) for druids
  14. Orca


    - Released for Tinkr Unlocker and mostly all bugs are fixed aswell as fps isses (please report more issues) I will now continue on with writing patch notes for mostly everything that I do Shaman In GUI made it so you can pick mainhand and offhand weapon enchants Warlock Added master healthstone to making and using Warlock will use fel armor now
  15. Orca


    -> added ability to add custom paths to each of the 3 replenishment vendors (optional)
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