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  1. I can honestly say that I am very much wanting to try this product. However, I have been met with lack luster support or response from anyone. From the initial purchase of credits. The instruction do not match how my paypal transactions appear. There was no place identify forum/name on the payment so I submitted the payment in hopes that providing additional information would be purchase the credits and elevate my account to premium to be able to browse the other areas. To date, that has not happened. I started a new thread stating the issue along with the transaction ID. 36 hours later, no response no update. I read the instructions several times to ensure I was not missing something, I have asked questions in the forum with no response. I have even emailed Afro and a couple other people with basic questions to ensure I am not doing something wrong . This review is NOT about the money I sent. I truly would pay good for a product like this. I hope for those who were able to get past the initial member to premium member issue that appears to be happening the other, that the product is well worth the effort. Sincerely Pewpewpowpow
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