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  1. From your payment history, I can see that i have accepted a payment from you the 28th july, the 30th july, 31th of july and also the 1st of july aswell. I am sorry if it took a little longer but we are very responsive on Telegram and Discord. I try to do my best on the forum as well but sometimes it is better to contact me there. I do also my best to make the paypal payments under 24 hours. The confirmation and images provided in the guide on how to pay via paypal can differ from one country to another and that may be why you did not have the confirmation button option. I hope you like the product so far and if you need anything reach us out on discord or telegram. Thank you
  2. add me on discord and send me your transaction details ill check
  3. Thanks man ! join our discord and telegram to stay up to date
  4. https://t.me/orcarussia
  5. Aphr0


    when you pay with paypal it takes up to 24 hours to add your credits. I contacted you on discord.
  6. Привет друг, я надеюсь, что все идет хорошо!
  7. as the paypal thread says it can take up to 24 hour to get your credits from the paypal payment solution. your credits got added. Thank you
  8. paypal. but we are probably adding credit card soon
  9. But you are a not even premium how did you use it.
  10. this is fix, the problem was you did not send the exact right amount. Make sure to calculate the exact good amount else it will not trigger Paid. Thank you!
  11. yes. I got rank 0 to 11 so far. started like7 weeks ago.
  12. It comes with smart movement PVP all bg queue. It doesnty requires profile and its the best top quality pvp you can have. Its an implemented AI logic that will make his own choices for where tog o and what to do inside any BG
  13. Hit me up in the private message please
  14. 1. no questing, only 1-60 grinding profiles 2. Yes all of them 3. Yes all 4. Navmesh + A pathing 5.All servers even russian chinese spanish and all 6.64 7. yes 9.Tacos but good ones and not sloppy
  15. check the tutorial section and watch the starter guide. but you need to buy credits to get premium rank and see the rest of the forum
  16. https://forums.getgud.cc/index.php?/topic/2355-how-to-migrate-profiles-from-old-website-to-here/
  17. NEW POLICY REGARDING PAYPAL AND OTHER PAYMENTS ================================================================================ We have decided to encourage people to buy with BTC. In order to do so, we have lowered our prices and implemented a Management Fee for all payments methods that are not a BTC payment. Starting now: 1 Credit = 1$ USD BTC 0.76 Credit = 1$ USD Other payment method Example: I want to buy something in the store that cost 25 Credit. If i pay with Bitcoin the cost will be 25$ USD worth of Bitcoin. If I pay with Paypal the cost will be 32.89$ USD but will result into 25 Credits on our store or if I pay with any other type of payment other than BTC it will be 32.89$ USD which will result in 25 Credit Price on store is 25 Credit and I want to buy it with Paypal, I do 25/0.76=32.89$ USD So in order to get my 25$ Credit on the store using paypal I need to send 32.89$ with Paypal. ================================================================================
  18. Thanks a lot for your review it is really appreciated! you can use the feature/bug request to fix this. thank you. check discord or telegram info to find this