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  1. add me on discord and send me your transaction details ill check
  2. Thanks man ! join our discord and telegram to stay up to date
  3. https://t.me/orcarussia
  4. Aphr0


    when you pay with paypal it takes up to 24 hours to add your credits. I contacted you on discord.
  5. Привет друг, я надеюсь, что все идет хорошо!
  6. as the paypal thread says it can take up to 24 hour to get your credits from the paypal payment solution. your credits got added. Thank you
  7. paypal. but we are probably adding credit card soon
  8. But you are a not even premium how did you use it.
  9. this is fix, the problem was you did not send the exact right amount. Make sure to calculate the exact good amount else it will not trigger Paid. Thank you!