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We have traveled to the deepest corners of the web for you. Premium Rank users will be able to put their hands on a priceless and special tool found nowhere else online for World of Warcraft Classic. The tool being mentioned is a unique addon that will greatly assist the player in leveling characters, dps/heal rotation, quest, gather herb, mine, skin, Gold farm, PvP and dungeons.

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  1. If you paid via paypal, the paypal payment thread explains it can take up to 24h to get your credits. I will transfer your credit soon i just cameback. thank you
  2. https://forums.getgud.cc/index.php?/topic/2289-the-new-credit-store-payment-system/
  3. yes but not teleport, you would still need EWT for teleport
  4. ORCA+OUR NEW UNLOCKER IS NOW AVAILABLE ON THE STORE. ONCE YOU PURCHASE GO ON YOUR MANAGE PURCHASE SECTION EVERYTHING IS READY TO DOWNLOAD. NOTHING ELSE TO GET EVERYTHING IS 1 PACKAGE DOWNLOAD. https://forums.getgud.cc/index.php?/store/category/27-orca-unleashed-unlocker-included/ The prices for the bot AND the unlocker are drastically lower than the ones versus EWT considering the first unlocker session is 18.75 and all other unlocker sessions will be 6.60$ unlimited computer until november 1st The unlocker is safe to use. The unlocker got his own navmesh and mmaps which is all included in the download. We also lowered all our paypal/other payment fees to 10% 1$ credit = 0.90$ via paypal or other payment options
  5. the problem was you created an invoice of 1$, you should have created one of 1.32$ if you sent 1.32$. I will correct your amount right now. thank you
  6. Aphr0


    yes once you buy at least 1$ credit on the forum you will then see the rest and have access to tutorials and videos to help you out. We also have pre-made profiles that you can just load in
  7. Done ! Sorry for the wait time i came home leate form a weekend with friends.
  8. hi i am making the paypal credits right now
  9. 1$ minimum. This will unlock the rest of the forum.
  10. once you unlock the rest of the forum you get access to tutorial videos and such. To get to learn the whole bot it will take some time but to make a simple thing like grinding or gathering herb/mining stuff or battleground its easy