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  1. GetGud Credit Black Market

    Here you can Buy or Sell GetGud Credits. Using this marketplace opens more options of payments for our users and that is why GetGud does not take any commission for this service.
    It is to the discretion of the Reseller to put their own fees and policies.

    Once you buy from the reseller, he will deliver you the credits in a form of Gift Card Key.
    You can redeem those keys here: https://forums.getgud.cc/index.php?/store/redeem

    Getgud is not responsible for the transactions occuring on the marketplace.
    The credits have to be delivered within the next 24 hours or the resellers will be warned. After 2 warning the reseller will be deleted and restricted from reselling on the platform.

    If you wish to become a Reseller please reach out to us in Discord.

    For support or question please add Aphro#5549 on Discord.

    Thank you


  2. World of Warcraft Classic Marketplace

    Come Trade/Sell/Buy Gold, Characters, PvP Pool Boost, Cheap Blizzard subscription (6$/month US subs  and 9$/month EU subs)

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