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BroBot PickPocket/Mage Solo Dungeon Script

Here you can find everything you need about BroBot. Special gold farm scripts like pickpocket BRD/Manatombs and Mage Solo LBRS
(Currently available with Tinkr macOS Unlocker only)


  1. Buy BroBot PickPocket/Mage Solo Dungeon Script   (5,354 visits to this link)

    Click here to buy our VIP Scripts/Bot that will make you unlimited amount of gold. All our profile are based on Raw gold farming which means it prints gold non stop without needing to manage the auction house.
    But if you also want to use the auction house, it will print even more gold!

    They are also made to be 100% AFK, it will do the goldfarm, repair, hearthstone, send the gold/items via mailbox, flyback there and keep going!

  2. BroBot Website   (3,331 visits to this link)

    Visit us here!

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