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Minibot WoW Classic/Retail Unlocker Section

Find everything you need for Minibot Here


  1. HOW TO: BUY/TRY/INSTALL MINIBOT   (2,544 visits to this link)

    Check this video to understand how to try the free trial, buy it or install/download Minibot

  2. HOW TO: Upgrade Minibot Active Session   (202 visits to this link)

    Check this video to learn how to correctly upgrade your current active minibot session. Do not buy on the store. Follow this guide please.

  3. Download Minibot Maps   (516 visits to this link)

    Extract this directly into your Minibot folder. Most up to date maps for Retail and Classic

  4. TROUBLESHOOTING: Minibot Installation   (278 visits to this link)

    If you have problems with the installation of Minibot please click here and make sure that you followed these steps.

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