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Orca WoW TBC Bot Section (Currently available MacOSx only)

Find everything you need for Orca Here
(Currently available for TBC only)


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  2. Orca Free Profiles   (3,969 visits to this link)

    Here you can download more than 500 free profiles. It contains Goldfarm/Leveling 1-60/Gathering/Mining/Skinning 1-300/ Classic Reputation farm and more both for Horde and Alliance.

  3. HOW TO: Install Orca using Tinkr macOS Unlocker

    - Download and install unlocker
    - Download and install the mmaps in the unlocker as required by the unlocker
    - Download the orca_map.zip and place files as outlined inside the zip file
    - If you want to install old orca profiles (they will still work) install them in the unlocker folder -> OrcaProfiles
    - Run the unlocker, put unlocker auth key into it
    - Should all work as before

    Join Orca Discord or Telegram for more help and to stay updated.

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