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We have traveled to the deepest corners of the web for you. Premium Rank users will be able to put their hands on a priceless and special tool found nowhere else online for World of Warcraft Classic. The tool being mentioned is a unique addon that will greatly assist the player in leveling characters, dps/heal rotation, quest, gather herb, mine, skin, Gold farm, PvP and dungeons.

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  • Announcement from the team here at GetGud

    Hello Everyone! Subscribers, staff, blizzard spies and lurkers!

    We felt as a good time for a status update on our current plans and the future. One year have already past since we started Orca Automation Software. I would like to start with thanking all of our users support, the developers, testers, profile makers who have made this trip an incredible journey!

    As a collective we went from a pure and simple grind software with limited options to a majestic all in all product in a simple year timeframe. Following this road of development we can see bright future for the next year ahead! While all the development of the software is a hard duty, we also had to work out the customer support, tutorials, payment processing and everything else that comes with it. A true challenge.

    All the GetGud staff members strive each day to bring the best customer support experience available on the market. We have put extensive researches and we are striving for our goal, to give you the best product and experience possible. Over the time we pulled extraordinary efforts to find the best of the best. We have been the first to put a working Grind bot 1-60, first to implement the Navmesh navigation, first to put Dungeon bot up, the first to get a PvP bot and add a smart movement logic to it and much more. We also put out the legendary 500 gold per hour Black Lotus profile and the 200 Gold per hour Mage DME profile. We have been pioneers and leading the industry all the way back from the start of WoW Classic and you better be sure we will continue to lead it.

    We are currently working hard on a new project with more developers that will eventually replace Orca as you know it today to a completely new evolution. It will amaze all of you. We are right now in a Alpha test phase soon to become Closed Beta test phase for people who are interested. We know that most of us use this software to lessen the time consuming this game takes to grind everything and get what you need to get your way to the top tier player range. Wether to make money out of this opportunity or simply being able to play the game while running a normal life, be sure that our new project will grant you all those possibilities. You will soon be able to use it and make from level 1 to 60 in the single touch of a button. Questing, Training, Traveling, Resurection Logic, Vendoring based on AH daily avg price, Selling on AH, Hearthstone, Safe Pathing from a quest to the next one back to town to turn the quest, and much more. You will be able to make everything you like, without any coding experience with our new platform. 

    The future looks very bright and we want to insure you that we will keep working hard to make this become reality. In the next weeks/months, we will have to put our efforts on this new project and we will be highly focused on it,  that is why we decided today, with the collaboration of Novelist, to release ALL Novelist and ALL Aphro's dungeon profiles for FREE to every subscribers of Orca. To make sure you will not be left out and that you will enjoy your journey still with this current version of orca. We will probably be less around while we are focusing on this and that is why we want you to still get the best experience as possible. Enjoy those top tier profiles while we are working for the future.

    We will still provide you support as much as possible don't get us wrong.
    Also if you are looking for help with the profiles or anything you can join Novelist's Discord
    Enjoy it while we build the future!

    Thank you for all your support through the last year!

    As always, we invite you to join us on our Discord and Telegram
    Telegram: https://t.me/OrcaBotProject
    Discord: https://discord.gg/CRNrncp



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