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We have traveled to the deepest corners of the web for you. Premium Rank users will be able to put their hands on a priceless and special tool found nowhere else online for World of Warcraft Classic. The tool being mentioned is a unique addon that will greatly assist the player in leveling characters, dps/heal rotation, quest, gather herb, mine, skin, Gold farm, PvP and dungeons.

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    1. Welcome to GetGud Forum, Home of Orca   (603 visits to this link)

      What can I find in here? World of Warcraft automation tools and much more!

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      How does payment works? How to buy? Where to start? You need to pay at least 1$ of credit to unlock the rest of the forum.

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      Click here to buy credits. This will also unlock the rest of the forum!

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      Please read carefully all the steps in order to pay by Paypal. Keep in mind that 1$  from Paypal = 0.76$ in GetGud Credit.

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      Click here to access the store and buy ready to use Leveling, Dungeon, Gold making and Gathering.

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      Come Trade/Sell/Buy Gold, Characters, PvP Pool Boost, Cheap Blizzard subscription (6$/month US subs  and 9$/month EU subs)

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    • Hello, trying to get support with my initial credit purchase, i may have made the order incorrectly and im not sure where else to go for help so posting here, i entered my credits wished to purchase in an order through the website here, submitted then went and sent payment via paypal with my account name in the transaction note, i did however round up the dollar amount, its been over 24 hours now and have not gotten credits, im sure i made a mistake somewhere, just trying to get help to figure out how to go about correcting it. thanks in advance.
    • Received a perma ban on 5 accounts today (lvl 25-26). Was botting on a rented dedicated server (first bot setup on it/no VPN/no VM), accounts fresh from Oct. 20th (different emails), played 10-12h a day at most. Not many people met in front of RFC/SFK/xRoads (I monitored them every 15-30 minutes sometimes) - I moved them manually once at a time in OG. I was using first with Orca Unleashed then EWT due to some pathing issue.